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Earn tentacles to prove your devotion to the cutest cephalopod in the cosmos! Details 1-4 players 60-90 minutes Engine building Hand management Tentacle gathering Status Available in retail Release Available via Lucky Duck Games and at your Friendly Local Games Store! Welcome, devotees! The celestial gaze of the Great Inky One falls upon you; do you have what it takes to be the most dedicated follower? Cosmoctopus is an engine-building, tentacle-gathering board game for 1 to 4 devotees. Guide Cosmoctopus through the Inky Realm, a flexible configuration of tiles, to gather resources and obtain powerful cards that represent relics, scripture, hallucinations and constellations. Harness the power of these bizarre objects and experiences, craft potent card combinations and be the first to gain 8 tentacles to win! Your turns are simple; the game’s excitement and depth lie in working out how best to use an ever-powerful hand of cards. With variable setup, easy ways to alter difficulty and optional solo and co-operative modes, Cosmoctopus offers a versatile tabletop experience, whatever your gaming tastes. All hail the Great Inky One!

Dig, fight, explore and build in this co-op adventure for 1-4 intrepid Terrarians! Details 2-4 players 45 minutes Co-operative play Deck building World exploration Status In development Release Kickstarter estimated Q2 2024 Re-Logic and Paper Fort Games present Terraria: The Board Game, a co-operative tabletop adventure for 1-4 players based on the smash hit indie videogame! •Explore ever-changing biomes, creating a unique world every time you play •Dig to mine ores and gems as you spelunk deep below ground •Fight enemies to collect loot, and complete objectives to trigger epic boss showdowns •Build a base to unlock new crafting opportunities and NPC bonuses •Craft exciting new accesories, tools and weapons •Upgrade your character with powerful new armour, abilities and buffs. Featuring modular boss miniatures!

Discover mysterious creatures in the bioluminescent depths of the ocean Details 2-4 players 45 minutes Tile-laying Pattern-building Set collection Status In development Release Kickstarter estimated Q4 2024 Fathom is a tile-laying, pattern-building game of deep-sea exploration. Take on the role of near-future marine biologists competing to uncover the secrets of an uncharted underwater ecosystem. Over 6 rounds of simultaneous play, guide your biologist and their submersible drone across the ocean. Scan the unmapped depths and place tiles representing signs of marine life. Descend into the darkness and reveal these tiles to discover remarkable creatures. The depths are vast and time is limited; savvy decision-making under pressure is crucial to a successful expedition. Choose wisely which creatures to investigate, as those you don’t pursue may be discovered by your opponents. At the end of the game, you’ll gain points based on the scoring criteria of species you've discovered. Some thrive in a homogenous environment; others fare better surrounded by diversity. The solitary life may suit certain creatures, but straying from the safety of a group spells disaster for others. Discover the most synergistic ecosystem to win!

Mankind is no more; help Mother Nature retake 1920s New York. Details 2-4 players 45 minutes Trick taking Polyomino-laying Status In development Release Kickstarter estimated Q2 2025 Read less Reclamation is a trick-taking, polyomino-laying game of returning a cityscape to nature. Control the elements and grow huge plant species to retake New York City. Set in an alternate history version of 1920s NYC, where humans no longer exist.


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