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we are paper fort games

A little bit about us

We make games you'll love

We’re an independent tabletop game studio based in Nottingham, UK. Our first game, Henry Audubon’s Cosmoctopus, was launched on Kickstarter in October 2022 and is now available in retail worldwide. In 2024, we’re launching the official tabletop adaptation of smash-hit indie videogame Terraria, and we’ve got even more projects in the hopper!

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Our Values

ACcessibility and Inclusivity

We aim to create games that bring a diverse mix of players to the table, whatever their ability. Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran, we strive to design easy-to-learn games that you’ll enjoy for years to come.  

Fun and Friendship

We develop games that encourage storytelling, co-operative play and friendly competition. Our games are designed to strengthen relationships, not ruin them, and to bring players together for a fun and memorable tabletop experience.

Community and Knowledge Sharing

We support and give back to local and international gaming groups, spaces and stores that nurture the spirit of inclusive tabletop gaming.  We endeavour to share our knowledge of game design and the business of games with those aspiring to be a positive force within the industry. 

Kindness and Professionalism

We foster a culture of support, professionalism and compassion within our company and in all of our interactions with colleagues, customers and business partners. We approach challenges with enthusiasm, empathy and honest, clear communication.

Check out what's coming up

We've got loads of exciting things in the pipeline; find out more about our upcoming games with our interactive roadmap.


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